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We find and attract people interested in BUSINESS INSURANCE and are at the point of wanting to find help who directly engage with you.


5 Step Process
For Creating Highly Profitable Sales and Marketing Campaigns
PHASE 1 PROFILE MAKEOVER - We start with your bio makeover as needed to engage and inform your target market about why they need you.
What Clients Think Of Us
Next, we build, monitor and adjust your message to the market to ensure a supply of fresh connections and warm leads you can count on.

We then connect you with your target market in a way that maximizes lead generation results.
It's now time to take your offer to market, by driving highly targeted traffic.  The longer the strategy is in place the larger cumulative effect it has with many long-term accounts experiencing as many as 1 – 5 leads per day without any added investment.  

Phase 5 Scaling begins once your funnel is live.  Our next priority is to get you as much bang for your buck by optimizing your funnel for conversion.  This means split testing your message, how your offer is presented, and so much more.  We then look at adding additional traffic sources.   

Bridgette, Bridge Fitness
I was surprised the program was so successful we had to pause it to get caught up on all the leads.  I'm laughing at the thought we might have to hire new trainers soon just to keep up.  
Christian, True Whole Human
After spending thousands of dollars with other marketing companies I was scared to believe EB Bennett Media's team was the real deal.  I got four new leads the first 24 hours and they're the best marketing $ we've spent! 
Jenn, Healing From Within
Thanks for all your help with the launch...it was by far my best one yet with over 75 new signups!!! 

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